Food sheets with FDA certification

Food sheets with FDA certification

Thanks to Mohwinckel Srl you can get in Italy the range of Covestro sheets (formerly Bayer). The best on the market, certified directly by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Vivak clear and Axpet clear sheets of the Covestro standard line are made of thermoplastic copolyester of different thicknesses and are suitable to meet the needs of many industrial and commercial sectors. In particular, FDA certification allows the safe use of plates in close contact with food (containers, trays, shelf dividers) in supermarkets and food lines tunnels. Vivak and Axpet resist fire and impact, they are totally recyclable and find an ideal application also as covers for machinery, in silk-screen printing, in paper converting and as a material used by door and window frames: it is just a matter of choosing the most suitable model, in based on technical specifications.

Vivak, in particular, is a type of sheet with exceptional thermoformability, a characteristic that translates into significant energy savings during processing and the ability to reproduce shapes quickly and easily without pre-drying. For information, specifications, requests, data sheets and advice you can contact Mohwinckel Srl, official and authorized distributor of Covestro in Italy.

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