Injection molding plants, plastic processing: here's how to spend less

Injection molding plants, plastic processing: here's how to spend less

Plastics processing accounts for almost 70% of the energy expenditure of an injection molding facility.

To reduce this expense it is necessary to optimize, speed up and refine the cylinder heating process of the machines, which need high temperatures (and, therefore, a lot of energy) in order to function properly. Rex Materials has invented TCS, the best thermal control system available on the market, able to reduce energy costs and increase productivity. TCS benefits from a revolutionary ceramic insulation, able to strongly limit the dispersion of heat towards the outside and keep the ideal temperature for injection molding stable. In the United States, TCS has already been installed more than a thousand times in ten years and has led companies to reduce the direct energy demand linked to plastics processing by an average of 40%. Taking into consideration also the consequent decrease of the need to refresh the working environment for the operators through air conditioners, we understand more the immense competitive advantage that TCS gives to those who choose to implement it in their production process.

Why persist in using old, inefficient heating systems that need high investment and maintenance? Mohwinckel Srl distributes Rex TCS in Italy with complete technical support and targeted advice for each type of plant.

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