Insulating plates for rubber

Insulating plates for rubber

ISOCOS designs and manufactures high quality insulating plates to meet the needs of the rubber processing industry, which requires precise heat control during all production processes.

ISOCOS insulating plates, designed and manufactured to perfection in Germany, reduce heat loss, reduce heating times and allow high quality standards throughout the production cycle. They are commonly used with great effectiveness in tire presses (where the correct heat control is essential), conveyor belts, systems for the production of flexible pipes and molding. Thanks to ISOCOS insulating plates for rubber it is possible to obtain a high energy saving and an excellent longevity of the plants, which can also be insulated with strips of specially shaped material: in fact, to satisfy all needs, the plates are built to be cut work and drill on customer drawings!

Mohwinckel Srl of Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) is partner and distributor of the brand ISOCOS in Italy: contact us to submit your needs, our technical staff will be ready to meet them with professionalism and competence.

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