Insulating plates for woodworking presses

Insulating plates for woodworking presses

Thanks to the partnership between ISOCOS and Mohwinckel Srl it is possible to obtain insulating sheets machined and cut to size, for a perfect thermal insulation of the systems.

Even the slight temperature fluctuations, both in continuous and short cycle presses, can alter the quality of the tables produced. In the woodworking industry, continuous-operation presses require constant control of the operating temperature, while short-cycle presses require solid compressive strength. ISOCOS insulating plates ensure excellent system operation and shorter machine preparation times, thanks to the more uniform heat distribution made possible by the insulating material used. The use of insulating plates for quality presses translates into greater savings on maintenance, higher quality and consistency of products and greater customer satisfaction.

For information and personalized advice, contact Mohwinckel ISOCOS distributor in Italy.

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