Makrofol LM diffuser films in Italy: here's how to get them

Makrofol LM diffuser films in Italy: here's how to get them

Covestro's range of diffuser films is one of the most important and appreciated innovations in lighting in recent years.

With the affirmation of LED lighting technology, the use of special films capable of
evenly spreading the light generated by the individual points has increased dramatically,
allowing producers and interior designers to give life to a long series of objects and
environments of public and private use with a great aesthetic impact. To answer the
wider number of needs, Covestro has differentiated each model of film in the range
Makrofol LM based on its degree of transparency and light diffusion, so
allow the choice of the best option for those who need to pass the most
light or a higher degree of coverage.

In Italy, having access to the potential offered by the Makrofol LM loudspeakers is very simple: the range is distributed throughout the national territory by Mohwinckel Srl, a
Trezzano sul Naviglio (MI) specialized in materials for more than a century
plastics. If necessary, the staff of Mohwinckel Srl can offer the possibility to test the
required products and assist their customers with highly personalized advice.

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