Makrolon® compact sheets: design and efficiency

Makrolon® compact sheets: design and efficiency

Makrolon® sheets offer the ideal combination of design freedom and efficiency in managing LED lighting. They are durable and allow the aesthetics of accessories, lighting effects and energy efficiency to be optimized for a long time.

Makrolon DX polycarbonate sheet is the safest and most innovative material to improve the performance of an LED lighting system: it is lighter than glass and metal, withstands strong impacts and high temperatures (from -100 to +120 ° C) , has a high ability to transmit and diffuse light, offers good resistance to fire and can be curved cold, thermoformed or machined with great ease and is equipped with a very high reflective capacity of 96%. In addition, an opaque or glossy effect can be applied to the plates and protection against UV radiation, chemicals, wear and scratches can be added.

With Makrolon RX, which offers greater resistance to shocks than polyester or acrylic, it is possible to increase the brightness up to 10% more, without changing the existing LED structure in the slightest. In addition, the slabs can be modeled in a wide range of 3D shapes and therefore represent an ideal option for ceiling lights or housings, remaining highly reflective.

Makrolon SX sheets are particularly suitable if you need a light shaping effect, being equipped with an anti-glare and anti-glare micro-prismed surface that orients the light of the LEDs transforming them into a single light row. They offer optimal optical efficiency thanks to the special polycarbonate grades and the microlenses surface pattern with 124.8 lpi. The high precision microlenses are diffused on the entire surface of the plate and, thanks to the special extrusion process, the geometry of the lens remains unchanged both at the corners and at the center.

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