New Makrolon WS (Welding Shield)

New Makrolon WS (Welding Shield)

Different welding techniques exist in the industry. Arc welding is the simplest and most commonly used technique.

Makrolon® WS can be used in cases where people outside of the welding area need to be protected against the hazardous radiation of arc welding processes (e.g. MIG-welding, TIG welding).

It must not be used:

- To protect the welder himself

- As material for welding visors

- To protect against hazardous radiation of other welding systems (e.g. laser)

Customer Benefits:

- Compliant with EN ISO 25980: 2014

- Extreme impact resistance: Can be used as machine guard

- Easy to machine: easy to bend, thermoformable, drilling, milling, sawing possible with standard tools.

Our technical and commercial staff is at your disposal for any kind of information, assistance and use guide to anyone interested in implementing Makrolon WS in their production process.

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