Plates for molds, plastics and die-casting

Plates for molds, plastics and die-casting

Are you looking for the best existing insulation material to protect molds, machines and equipment for making molds? ISOCOS plates are the answer!

The German company produces plates, plates and insulating materials for the plastics, wood, rubber and molds and mold industries. Insulating materials ISOCOS are designed to withstand high temperatures and strong compression, protecting the longevity of the machinery and the success of the final product. In order to meet customer requirements, the plates can be machined, drilled and cut to size. The ISOCOS range includes a long list of products with different characteristics depending on use with presses, implants, frames, pistons and molds.

For years Mohwinckel Srl, a Milanese company with a long history and experience in the plastics industry, distributes ISOCOS products throughout Italy, meeting the requirements and requirements of numerous national manufacturing companies. If you are interested in implementing ISOCOS plates and plates in your production process, contact us and show us your needs!

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