Thermal insulation for presses

Thermal insulation for presses

Do you operate in the woodworking industry and want to make quality and safety your goal? ISOCOS thermal insulators are the best solution to isolate short cycle presses, floor presses and continuous cycle presses, avoiding risky temperature fluctuations.

Insulation material ISOCOS, manufactured in Germany by a company with many years of experience in the field, reduces the distortion of thermal stress on the press frame and decreases the heat load on the hydraulic system and piston seal. To resist even the chemical agents used for cleaning and separating the equipment, ISOCOS thermal insulators can be coated with a special protective film based on PTFE polymers that protects their integrity and insulating properties. In the case of old or damaged presses, you can restore the planparallelism with a special compensation inlay.

To receive complete information and advice on the best performing thermal insulation in the world, you can directly contact Mohwinckel Srl, the Italian distributor of the ISOCOS insulation plate range.

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